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How long will my move take?

We never know exactly how long a move will take; that’s why we always charge for the amount of time worked.  Every single move is different!  The time to complete a 1-bedroom apartment with an exactly identical furniture list can vary drastically based on what floor the apartment is on, the level of thoroughness of the customer’s packing, the size of elevators, the ability to reserve an elevator so other tenants aren’t using it, and the distance to the truck from the front door. Because of these variables we provide an estimate based on an AVERAGE of similar moves.  There is a 50% chance your move will cost less than the average, and a 50% chance it will cost more than the average.  Regardless, you can rest assured that we will only charge for the time worked, no more and no less!  Rest assured that our crews will always move with a mission-oriented purpose.  It’s fair for you and us. Click here to request a quote for your move. Click here to request a quote for your move


How much will my move cost?

The primary factor influencing the price of your move is the amount of hours our crew works on your site.  We charge in 15-minute increments until the job is complete and only have a two-hour minimum.  There is also a Travel Sundries Fee.  A moving consultant will be happy to provide you with more information.  Please fill out our estimate request form to receive a quote. Click here to request a quote for your move.


What is a Travel Sundries Fee?

It covers the cost of one truck for one day of use. It’s not just the truck! We also bring out a GPS, furniture dollies, shrink wrap, tape, and blankets to protect and efficiently move your items. As well as covering the Fuel and Mileage.


Would it be less expensive to get my own truck for a local move?

The answer is usually NO. Once you add in all of the cost associated with a truck rental, it saves you money and time to use one of our trucks.


Do you provide in-home estimates?

We provide in-home estimates for certain moves. An estimator will visit your residence or office to answer your questions and take notes on the specifics of your mission if you have a 2,000 sq. ft (a 3BR House) or larger dwelling. It isn’t economically feasible with our pricing to send an estimator on every job, nor is it a requirement for a smooth move. Our pricing, whether an estimator visits your residence or not, is based on an hourly rate. We only charge for the time worked, no more and no less! It’s fair to you and fair to us.

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