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About ATSA

Welcome to ATSA Industries, a company that was founded by Jeffrey Lutchman and Denisse Fernandez Prada. You may ask yourself, what does ATSA stand for? It's no secret, but it's an amazing story that lead up to an amazing name. It's a story of how family comes first.


ATSA are the initials of their beautiful children, Aiden, Tizziana, Skylar & Alessia. At ATSA everything is done with family in mind and all the values that defines family. Honesty, Integrity, Dependability and Trustworthiness. These are not just words, this is the foundation behind everything they do.


Between Jeff and Denisse, they have over 15 years of experience in the cleaning, Insurance and Management. It started in 2003, when a small furniture shop was opened and with that Jeff learned the true meaning of owning and operating a successful business. In 2006, Denisse started her first residential cleaning with 1 home and grew it into many more - not with advertising but with referrals! Denisse was able to turn her part time hobby into a successful business.

Life & Health insurance or cleaning? Whether it be Residential or commercial, everyone needs to clean the new property, move out and in to the new place and then clean the old property to leave in good faith. Everyone needs that insurance policy to protect their love ones in time of tragic need. 

Todays Life insurance is not for when you pass but its designed for when you are alive.  All, if not most Life Insurance Policies have Living Benefits that pay out to the owner of the policy while they are still alive and need access to the funds.  Most Policies have return in premium at 100%, which means you bet on yourself either to out live the policy and get all your money back at end of policy or you pass and your love ones get the benefit.  But either way you win.


Let us Educate you on your Medicare needs and let us help find the right health insurance policy for you.  

It's ATSA Industries. It's NOT a franchise. It's not a big-name brand but IT IS a company where you can pick up the phone, call 1-877-325-ATSA and ask to speak to the owners and they will either get on the phone to speak to you or call you back as soon as possible.


To them you're not just a client, you are everything that their brand stands for. They go into every job asking what can they do for their clients to get 5 stars every single time, no matter the size of the job. ATSA offers their customers the most efficient, innovative, household, cleaning experience possible. Our mission is to continuously strive to exceed our customers' expectations in value and high standard satisfaction.

ATSA Family Pic.jpg

No job is too big or too small for ATSA Industries. We have all the systems and knowledge in place to get the job done. Everything with ATSA is black and white. NO HIDDEN FEES, NO EXTRA CHARGE.


Everything is agreed upon by the clients and company and upheld to 100% guarantee. It all goes back to our family values - to be a leader in the Insurance and Cleaning Industry, with total customer satisfaction as our goal. Our clients trust us and recommend us to their friends and loved ones. We create relationships with our customers, generating loyalty and trust.


Our company is licensed and insured, and all our employees go through stringent screening and training for your peace of mind.

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